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Cheap Flights To Europe, Update On a New Hyatt Resort And Free Amazon Kindle Access

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Cheap Flights of the Day: Still cheap flights to Europe available, under $500!

  In Case You Missed It: Royal Palms, a high-end resort in Phoenix, is joining the Hyatt program.

Also, a quick update on the Royal Palms acquisition.  I reached out to Hyatt and they confirmed that they expect this transaction to close in July and that the property will enter the Hyatt Gold Passport program as a Category 6, which means 25,000 points a night.  When I look at the prices of the property currently, I see rates anywhere from $200 a night to $500.  I generally value a Gold passport point somewhere between 1.5 cents and 1.8 cents, meaning 25,000 points has a value of $350 to $450.  We’ll have to see where rates end up after the acquisition, but if it is a Category 6, there are plenty of dates where paying cash will be the better value.

Priceless and funny pictures to end our family vacation.

It seems kind of wrong for a hotel to be openly bribing customers to give them good reviews.

Singapore is opening up easier access to foreigners who hold Global Entry.  It’s great to see more countries recognizing Global Entry and offering reciprocal entry benefits.  I just wish they weren’t requiring 3 visits in the last 12 months.

A free credit monitoring app for your phone.

Costco members can shop for free (without a membership) at Sam’s Club for the next 10 days to try it out.

Alaska Airlines is changing the structure for the miles you earn when flying on American Airlines.  It’s mostly for the worse, which was expected given American’s hatchet job on partner earning.

Rumors that the Ritz-Carlton is going to transition most of their rooms to apartments.  I’ve never stayed there but have enjoyed a few breakfasts in the Peacock Room.  I can imagine that it’s harder for them to sell that many rooms at a premium level without some major work.  There’s a lot more competition in the premium space today, with more and more being added to that market.

The EU has cleared the Marriott/Starwood merger.  Not surprising, I would expect the US to do the same.

AMEX Centurion Lounge giving away 6 months of free Amazon Kindle access.

British Airways is reducing in-flight foodservice pretty much from top to bottom on certain flights.  I’ve never been a huge fan of BA’s food, and I try my best not to rely on an airline for food unless it’s a long flight, but it’s disappointing to see airlines take things away.

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