Universal Studios Orlando On Sale Via Daily Getaways Today

Next up on the Daily Getaways list is discounted packages at Universal Studios Orlando.

If you’re new to Daily Getaways, think of this as “Vacations For Real People” (or vacations for normal people).  It’s no secret that I love showing my family the world.  I took my wife and daughter to Paris a few years ago for Valentine’s Day on a long weekend, but we’re just as likely to pile into the car and drive up to HersheyPark.  We prefer to travel to places like Italy and Greece to explore the culture, but those trips aren’t accessible to everyone.

Even though I preach the strategy of earning miles to just about everyone I meet (sorry, for those of you tired of hearing me babble on), most folks aren’t trying to fly First Class in an apartment to the Middle East.  Or pop over to Sydney for a long weekend.  We decided to head down to the Fort Myers area in Florida this year for spring break and were surprised to find at least a dozen of our friends from Virginia had chosen the same destination as us.

Some drove, some flew, none of them stayed at a St. Regis, Ritz or Four Seasons.  For that group, which are the normal folks, Daily Getaways can represent a significant value.  Not all deals will, but there are still plenty of savings to be had.  Hoping to get some more time to lump these into weekly posts, but in the interim, here’s the scoop on Universal Orlando deals today:

Four 3-day tickets for $850:

I don’t love this deal, especially since it was $700 last year.  The Universal website is currently selling these tickets for $230 each ($220 for kids) so you’re saving less than $100.  It’s savings, but not much.

VIP Experience for 12 people for $3,500:

I really must be just missing the point of these deals, since these ones are quite bad, especially compared to last year.  Last year’s deal was roughly $3,000 for a party of 12.  Back then, the less private version of the tour was $329, so it seemed like a solid deal if you had a big group.  Now, that version is only $200.  I can’t imagine it would be worth an extra $1,000 for most folks to have a completely private tour.  I also think if you showed up with a group of 12 you’re getting your own tour guide anyway.  Pass.

Universal Resort Vacation Package for $2,397:

This is sort of an all-inclusive package.  4 airline tickets, transportation from the airport, 3 nights hotel and park tickets for 3 days.  I thought this deal was pretty marginal last year.  The $80 drop in price doesn’t change my opinion much.  Pass.

Bottom Line

These packages just required too much commitment.  Not a lot of flexibility.  I would pass on all 3.

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