Just Like That, Unbelievable $212 Fares To New Zealand Are Gone

And I thought the $400 fares to Australia were nuts.  A few hours ago there were reports of a disgustingly cheap fare to New Zealand on Qantas.  Being out on the West Coast, I was getting my, ahem, beauty sleep when this popped up.

Having read the thread on FlyerTalk and poking around a bit, it does in fact appear to be gone.  I haven’t seen anyone’s ticket details yet, but I’d lean pretty heavily towards this being a mistake.  But, it will probably be a little while before we know if Qantas is going to honor these fares.

Every time I hear someone tell me the “golden age” of cheap travel is over, a deal like this pops up.  Or the $400-ish tickets to Australia a few days ago.  It pays to keep an eye out for these and other opportunities.  It’s the best way for normal folks like us to travel the world without breaking the budget.

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  1. I ticketed SFO-AKL for $240 round trip around 3:30 am California time. Booked in Qantas O class. The ticket info is all loaded in Qantas site with record locator and my AAdvantage number.

    I am on Sweden time after a 12 hour flight yesterday SFO-OAK, so I was already awake when this deal came around.

    Wait and see if fare is ultimately honored. 14 hours in economy should not be too tough.

    1. rijn, how will you know if Qantas has honored this ticket? If your information is loaded on the the Qantas site, shouldn’t that alone be good enough? I too booked this fare and my information is on Qantas. Just wondering what else needs to be confirmed. Thanks.

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