Vacations Mean A Better Sex Life! Almost 2 Million People Can’t Be Wrong

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, right?  Even with the stress involved in certain parts of our vacations, I always feel better when I’ve had some time away with my family.  There are the obvious benefits of going on vacation, like getting to see the world and explore new places.  And, according to a new survey, those aren’t the only benefits:

A total of 31 million people, who had been on holiday in the previous 12 months, were included in the survey conducted by Expedia.

There are some obvious benefits of taking a holidays as 46 per cent of people said they felt more relaxed, 42 per cent said they felt happier and 35 per cent said they felt less stressed.

More unusually, 10 per cent of respondents reported that they saw an improvement in the condition of their skin.

Six per cent of those surveyed said they had higher sex drives, while six per cent of people also said they experienced weight loss as a result of their break.

Shockingly, I’m not too concerned with improvement of the condition of my skin.  I am surprised that a better sex life didn’t outscore the skin improvements.  But, hey.  At least almost two million people admitted the obvious.  🙂

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