Cheap Flights To Las Vegas, Hyatt Expanding And A Cool New Southwest Tool

Here’s what I’m reading about today in the world of miles and points:

Cheap Flights of the Day: $120 round-trip to Las Vegas.  More money to gamble!

In Case You Missed It: Hyatt made us wait for their first promo of 2016, but it’s a really good one (if not “FFN great”).

Auction ending soon..8 people, 4 nights in a Villa in Koh Samui, Thailand for roughly $750.

You can use airline miles to purchase TSA PreCheck.  But, should you?

Here’s what JetBlue is doing with new slots at Long Beach airport.  I like the addition of Reno service.  Folks heading to Tahoe are likely more affluent travelers, where JetBlue’s extra amenities might score them profitable fares.

Hyatt is quickly adding a property to the new Unbound Collection. They’ve purchased the Thompson Hotel in Miami Beach and will rebrand it the Confidante.  That’s great news. I was a bit disappointed when Hyatt announced the new collection without much in the way of new properties.

A pretty interesting tool to track when your Southwest Airlines fare goes down.  The reason why this is such a big deal is that Southwest doesn’t charge you a change fee when your ticket price goes down.  I’d be shocked if this site lasted a long time before Southwest found a way to block this, but you never know.  Great find by Deals We Like!

While we’re on the subject of Southwest, Early-Bird check-in is getting more expensive.  I planned to write about it last week before things went very South with our family dog.  As an occasional Southwest traveler who likely will fly them more in the future, I can appreciate that Southwest hasn’t moved the price much since its inception. I think this is a welcome change to thin the herd a bit. We flew Southwest this past week for spring break and bought our tickets a few months ago. We still ended up with boarding passes in the mid A40s.

AT&T users can now make wi-fi phone calls overseas for free. Niche use, for sure. But, should make some folks happy.

Smart travel apps.  I really like the idea of PackPoint. My wife plans to test it.

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  1. That Dragon tool for finding price drops on SWA flights is awesome. The day after I entered my upcoming flights, it notified me by email that a lower price (in points) was available on one. A couple of minutes I had pocketed the savings.

    Use it while you can…SWA does not like any automated access to their flight information and will probably shut it down post-haste.

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