Cheap Flights To Japan, Travel Anxiety And Epic Fails

Here’s what I’m reading about today in the world of miles and points:

Cheap Flight of the Day: Japan still seems to be on sale.  $650 is a solid round-trip fare.  Don’t wait for fares to go back up again if you’re thinking about it.  Not seeing much else interesting right now.

In Case You Missed It: My review of the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile.  And, don’t forget you still have a couple of days to enter my giveaway for a free weekend at a great hotel.

Jessie on a Journey offers up a good list of reasons not to have travel anxiety.  I think it’s perfectly natural to be anxious at times when you’re traveling.  I crave the exploration of new places, so I suspect I feel this less than most.  But, it’s been interesting to watch my daughter deal with a bit of travel anxiety.

While we’re on the subject of Jessie, she also details 11 epic travel fails. Worth a few minutes to get a chuckle and get a few reminders of things not to do on the road.

Marshall Jackson has a nice op-ed about the changes in airline loyalty.  The times, they are a-changing.  Marshall makes a lot of good points and I don’t begrudge his logic.  But, there are still so many reasons to collect miles and points.  And, I’m still pretty happy with my emotional connection to my favorite airline.

More good travel auctions ending soon, like 2 nights at the Intercontinental in Malta going for about $100 right now.

Rapid Travel Chai finds really good seafood in an unlikely place.

Hilton is having a flash sale for lots of places that aren’t North America.


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