Cheap Flights To California, Is Bogota Safe And Free UberPool Rides This Weekend!

The snow decided it needed to visit one more time, dropping a couple of inches on the ground outside. Here’s what I’m reading about in the world of miles and points:

Cheap Flight of the Day: Cheap flight to Southern California from NYC, $229.  And, if you’re in the mood for Costa Rica, those flights can be found for $250.

In Case You Missed It: I’m giving away a free weekend at a great hotel!  And, another good reason why it’s good to keep a stash of miles.

Is Bogota Safe?  This is a great piece from the perspective on an experienced, single female traveler.  I haven’t been to Colombia but have considered taking advantage of cheap fares I see pop up.  This covers a number of different aspects about solo travel and Colombia specifically.  As a native NYer, I feel pretty comfortable in most urban settings.  That’s both good and bad.  It’s good to have confidence but I’d hate to think I’m over-confident and put myself in unsafe situations.  This piece is a good reminder to be careful.

There’s another AMEX offer to save $400 on a Qantas flight!

San Jose is starting to become quite the international destination, now with the addition of a flight to Shanghai.  This comes on the heels of announcements for service to London and Frankfurt to go with service to Tokyo on a 787.  A good alternative for folks in the Bay area, though there aren’t a ton of nonstop options from San Jose to points East.

Disney is ordering 2 new cruise ships, both slightly larger than their most recent additions.  They’re still on the small side with a total of 6 ships.  But, by 2021 they’ll be able to cover a host of destinations with repeated cruises.

Low-cost carrier Interjet kicked off service in between DFW and Mexico City.

Free UberPool rides this weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words and including my link. Agreed that it’s easy to feel like a confident traveler…in theory cities I’ve been throughout Central America are just as dangerous (or more) than BOG but maybe I just got lucky.

    1. Becky, it’s a really good piece. A good reminder to even the most confident of travelers it doesn’t hurt to be aware of your surroundings. And, creepy Uber drivers that like to touch you.

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