This Is One Of The Most Awesome Plane Videos Ever!

I’m an aviation geek and I love cool plane videos.  Before today, I didn’t know who the band OK GO is.  But, thanks to my lovely wife and her friend Allison, I’m in awe of these guys for filming this video:


They essentially got S7 Airlines, a Russian airline, to loan them a plane to do zero-gravity dives to film the video. has some of the details on how they did it:

Basically, the plane climbs to a high altitude, then dives and accelerates into the dive so that the plane is able to match the rate the contents are falling at, messing with the gravity for the people and things inside. The plane could only dive for 27 seconds of weightlessness before having to pull out and re-set for the next parabola (gain in altitude and dive).

According to an interview with OK Go frontman Damian Kulash, the band never threw up, even though they were diving through the air for 45 minutes. “The band were on pretty heavy anti-nausea drugs,” he confesses, “Of course, given roughly 25-30 people on the plane and over the course of the 20 flights we did, we think there were 58 times that people puked. So it was averaging two to three per flight.

I’ll admit, I’ve dreamt up some crazy….stuff in my days.  But, I can’t even fathom where I would pull this idea from.  If they really did all this in one take, they instantly earn a spot in my crazy AvGeek hall of fame.

I kinda feel bad for the people who had to help film this who apparently didn’t get the really good anti-nausea drugs.

These guys have to be some combination of crazy and fearless.  I envy them.  I’m a bit in awe.  And, I feel like I need some more popcorn to watch it again.

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