Cheap Flights To Caribbean, Europe and More. 3 Car Rentals To A Free Airline Ticket?

Another day of trying to catch up on e-mail and dig out my desk today.  Not sure if I won or the desk won today.  Anyway, here’s what’s going on that you need to know about:

Cheap Flights Of The Day: Virgin is having a pretty decent 3-day fare sale.  I wrote about a Spirit fare sale earlier in the day you should consider (if they’re your flavor).  Costa Rica if you need to get warm.  And, one of my favorite cities, Barcelona.

3 car rentals gets you a free Delta flight?  Intriguing.

10% off Staples gift cards and a bunch more discounted gift cards.

TripAdvisor to partner with Starwood and offer instant booking of their rooms on the TripAdvisor platform.  Honestly, I really see this is TripAdvisor selling out.  They’d like to claim their impartial but they book rooms for only certain chains and I’m pretty sure that’ll affect how they appear in the rankings, just like with the Marriott deal they did last year.

The best way to smuggle drugs on an airplane.  Really, can’t even imagine someone didn’t think about this prior.  Guess they hope the X-ray machines are good enough…..

50,000 AAdvantage miles to open up a checking account.  Totally worth it, IMO.

United appears to be following Delta and American down the same path of creating a new class of tickets that come with less benefits.  What were the chances the 3 would march in lock step?  Really, what were the chances?

“Best” travel souvenirs?  A book made out of Panda poop?  Pope bottle opener?

Alaska Airlines has a new look.  It’s more subtle to me than others are saying, but I do like it.

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