Cheap Flights To Barbados, Travel Like James Bond And How To Get Value Out Of Those 47,000 (Almost) Free Hotel Points

I’ve been a bit occupied with the snow here in Virginia (yes, that’s my daughter sitting on top of the mailbox in the featured image).  Alongside discovering that our HVAC units were buried under a 5′ drift of snow, Mickie and I took the kids to help my father-in-law “dig” out the winery.

Cheap Flights To Caribbean Cheap Flights To Caribbean

Cheap Flights Of The Day: Barbados for ~$300.  Ah, sun.  Milan for cheap again in coach and business class.

A really, really awesome giveaway!

I’m not a huge hot dog fan, but this Coney Island favorite is 100 years old.  Worth it if you’ve never been.

Travel like James Bond.  Really.  This looks wicked cool.  If I keep adding destinations to my bucket list, I’ll have to live until I’m 200 to hit all of them/

$5 off any gift card for new users of Giftcard Pool.

The new IHG Point Breaks list is out.  Mommy Points has it all worked out for you.  This dovetails nicely with the IHG promo to earn an easy 47,000 points.  I mentioned that previously, but here’s Deals We Like’s solid write-up on how to execute this.  Almost 10 nights in a Points Break hotel!

If you grabbed 1,000 Spirit miles when they were up for grabs a couple of weeks ago, Rapid Travel Chai shows how to get (a little) value out of them.

I wrote just a few days ago about how I’d be pretty surprised if Iran ended up with a ton of new airplanes.  Apparently, I’m not the only one.

How to use hotel points to score a room for the Super Bowl.

Q:  What is Hilton’s new brand, Tru?  A:  An Aloft hotel with a shorter name.  As I was reading Ben’s write-up on this, I couldn’t help think this was textbook Aloft.  Then, I saw that Ben thinks the same thing.  Who the hell takes desks out of hotel rooms?

In case you haven’t heard, you can earn a free 1 week rental from Hertz.

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  1. are you in the parking lot of Dry Mill Winery? I’m racking my brain to figure out. I know my Loudoun County Wineries pretty well (ahem) but all that snow is throwing me off.

    1. G, that’s a pretty good call! My wife’s parents own Dry Mill Winery. We all pitched in to dig them out of the snow so they could take care of their customers this week.

      1. It’s a very welcoming place. We’re been there a few times to have a picnic and let the kids run around, while we drink wine. Everyone is happy.

        Perhaps one of these days I’ll run into you over there. Thanks!

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