Super Cheap Flights To Iceland And Europe From West Coast. Act Fast!

Cheap Flights To Iceland And EuropeI don’t see as many cheap flights pop up for West coast folks, so I hope this is valuable for those who call California home and are looking to explore the world.

Wow Air is having a fare sale right now and there aren’t many seats available.  They’re offering flights as low as $99 one-way to Iceland and $199 one-way to Europe.

Cheap Flights To Iceland And Europe

Cheap Flights To Iceland And Europe

These fares have been fairly typical for Wow Air from some of their East Coast cities but this is the inauguration of their LAX and SFO service.

I spent about 15 minutes performing various searches to see how many flights were available.  The short answer is “not many”.  And, where I did find availability, there weren’t many seats (5 or less in some cases as indicated on the website).  Here are a few days where I found the cheapest fares:

Cheap Flights To Iceland And Europe Cheap Flights To Iceland And Europe Cheap Flights To Iceland And Europe Cheap Flights To Iceland And Europe

Copenhagen had the most availability across a range of dates.

Some folks are scared of discount carriers like this.  Up until my recent Norwegian Air flight to Martinique, I was in that club as well.  But, it really wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Keep in mind, Wow Air charges for plenty of “extra”, including things like checked and carry-on baggage as well as seat assignments.  They’re pretty strict on some of those requirements from what I’ve heard.  Still, it can be a really cheap way to get to Europe.  Just make sure you add up the fees before buying so you know what you’re total ticket cost is.


  1. Main problem with $99 flights LAX to Iceland is lowest one way fare KEF-LAX is in the $300s making a round trip ticket over $500 after bag fees. Late June flights to mainland Europe for $199 are a good one way deal on WOW if you can get back to California on a miles award ticket.

    1. rijn1629, that is the downside to some of the KEF fares. I did see some dates later in the fall where you could get reasonably priced returns. I am a bit surprised that flights to Copenhagen are cheaper than Iceland, but I guess they have confidence they’ll fill enough seats that they don’t need to discount KEF.

    2. Fwiw, I’ve flown to Iceland a few times to visit family on other carriers and have never had my ticket fare be less than $1500 from LAX (stopping in Seattle or Boston or both and sometimes a stop in NY) so $500 round trip is pretty incredible in comparison!

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