Video Of Your Christmas Gifts On Their Way!

Just in time for the holidays, there’s a cool video that takes 90 seconds to show how many of the packages you buy this time of year get from here to there.

You might recall this video from Labor Day showing a day in the life of DFW (the airport larger than Manhattan). Well, Scott Mayerowitz and his crew are at it again, this time at Worldport, the humongous facility UPS operates in Louisville. Here’s the video:

Cool stats from the video:

  • Up to 4 million packages sorted a day (or roughly one for every person living in Kentucky, the home of the mega facility).
  • The facility is roughly the size of 90 football fields.
  • UPS has over 200 planes, slightly more than JetBlue’s fleet.

Definitely worth 90 seconds of your day.  And, some fun stats in the accompanying article as well.

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