Guam Hates United, DC Hates Uber And an Awesome Bathroom Video!

The Best of the Rest is my effort to summarize all the travel/miles & points stories that interested me on a daily basis but didn’t have time to write about  in length.  Culled from over 100 blogs/authors I follow, some are passed along without comment, while I add my analysis to others.   This is your shortcut to find out what’s going on in the travel world without having to read dozens of travel blogs to get all the best info.

Here’s what I’m reading about today:

Cheap Flights of The Day: $500-ish flights to China.

InsideFlyer Thread of the Day:  That’s an easy one, though there are 3 threads.  2 more days to enter.  We’re giving away 60 free airline tickets to the Caribbean on Norwegian’s inaugural flights.

Guam thinks United is a horrible airline, too.

Uber becomes more “official” in Chicago and DC.  The Washington Airport Authority (MWAA) is one of the most corrupt organizations in the US.  The fact that they’re charging Uber drivers more than taxis, though, is surprising even to me.  I can only imagine what logic they used to justify why Uber drivers need more oversight than a taxi driver.  But, I’m glad that I won’t get harassed by police anymore at Dulles or National.

An awesome bathroom video.  You know, if you’re into that kind of thing.  Giggle!

A new place to use Global Entry.  Cool!

Bonus points for Hyatt credit card holders.

Where are your travels taking you?


Another Beautiful Day For Flying


  1. WMATA oversees Metro rail and busses and is notoriously mismanaged however the $4 surcharge is being added by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, not WMATA.

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