Mistake Fares Happen The Other Way, Too

Mistake fares are a big part of this wonderful world of miles and points.  We celebrate when those mistakes work out in our favor, like those Beijing fares in first class for $400.  Those were so popular, Lucky is hearing about them as he criss-crosses the globe on those very fares.

And, those crazy fares that a small site in Norway sold for United for hours on end.

We even obsess about the deals that don’t come to fruition, like the recent United “Krone Krime” fares.

The fervor has gotten enough media attention that the DOT had to step in and contradict their own regulations.

But, who protects us from those mistake fares where we’re charged too much?  😛

Airline revenue management is a complicated game, and yet I still get a chuckle when I see things like this.  I was searching for flights to Madison, Wisconsin.  First, what Matrix showed me as individual segments on Frontier:

Mistake Fares

Mistake Fares

But, hey.  When you put them together…..

Mistake Fares


Mistake Fares

We should be outraged!  Where is DOT to protect innocent consumers from booking this fare?  😛

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  1. why do we not get protection for higher fares i am battling a fare now that i booked via phone business class seat but when i got to plane no BC seat. the airline said they thought it was a BC seat etc etc going round and round i paid tooo much for an economy seat…
    also look at flights via united for sept-oct denver-aspen-denver over $1475 for a 20 minute flight and that is not a mistake number it is reallllll

    1. Dot, there are some crazy fares out there, like the Aspen one you cite. Did you get compensation for the wrong seat?

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