Fox News Goes Incognito (Somewhat) To Earn More Miles

It was just about a month ago when a few hundred frequent travelers descended on DFW Airport for a weekend of learning more about miles and points at Frequent Traveler University.  In case you missed it, you can find links to my presentations here.

I’ve met people from all walks of life at past FTUs, including housewives (and house husbands), nuclear engineers (really), FBI employees (shhhh), and lots of people just like me and you.  But, this is the first time I’ve met a producer from a major news network.  Clint Henderson, Executive Producer of Happening Now on Fox News, was flying a bit under the radar as he sat in on some sessions.  Sure, he was researching for future stories, but his article leaves us some hints that Clint is actually one of us, secretly starting to obsess about miles and points.

Fox News

Here’s a link to the full article.  Let me help you decode it a bit.  Quoting:

Miles and points enthusiasts have magazines, blogs and even gather together to discuss the latest twists and turns of their hobby.

As someone who has become more and more curious about this world as I’ve traveled more, I attended one of their gatherings recently at a hotel in the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.

Translation: I stumbled into this crazy hobby and it’s definitely newsworthy as a personal interest sort of thing for my day job, but I’m secretly coveting more miles. Gotta figure out how to spin this story so I can go to more events like this.  Bora Bora, here I come!

Clint may say it’s “their hobby”, but we know better that he’s already submitted his application to become a member of our warped little club.

Some of the most popular travel bloggers are treated like stars at these conventions of super travel nerds.  The authors of the blogs “One Mile at A Time,” “Mommy Points,” “View from the Wing,” “MJ on Travel,” “Pizza in Motion,” and “Million Mile Secrets,” were among those represented and presenting.

Translation: Okay, these people seem totally weird.  But, look at all the places these people travel.  Maybe if I poke a bit of fun at them in the article and call them travel nerds, people won’t realize I’m one of them

Many of the bloggers at FTU were fans of American Airlines. Most also hold American’s highest elite level of Executive Platinum.  Pizzarello from the travel website “Pizza in Motion,” said there’s a reason for that, “American fiercely protects its Executive Platinum folks.”

Translation: I sat in Pizza’s session on American Airlines because I badly want Executive Platinum status.  Must deflect attention from me.  Hmmm, let’s squeeze something in here how many of the bloggers love EXP.

Schlappig led several sessions at the conference said travel is never free, but there are opportunities to have awesome travel experiences with less than most people think.

Translation: I’m learning sooooo much about how to travel luxuriously for next to nothing.  Oh, wait.  Business, Clint, not business class.  Need to focus on the news angle.  But, how can I focus on the news angle when this Lucky guy is so damn awesome he started his own Kickstarter campaign to fly in his own private suite.

All kidding aside, it was a lot of fun to meet Clint.  He interviewed me right before my American Airlines session (and even mentioned his recent infatuation with mild interest in earning more miles)  Here’s a link to the video, in case the version I inserted below doesn’t work:

Watch the latest video at

For those that have met me, you might have noticed I was a bit stiff more reserved while filming this with Clint.  He caught me about 5 minutes before I was scheduled to start my American Airlines seminar.  I had learned about 20 minutes prior that I was featured in the main room for this morning session because, duh, we were in Dallas (American Airlines HQ and hardcore AA country).  I was feverishly trying to polish my presentation a bit more for the big audience, but still managed to have a little fun answering Clint’s questions.

I also had some fun with Clint’s crew filming this recent segment on Happening Now about the decline of the super jumbo planes.

Some people in our hobby might say that it’s a bad thing to see national attention on our craft.  After all, too many people trying all these techniques will make them go away, right?  I guess I’m more of a “big tent” guy.  There’s always enough room for one more person to learn how to travel better with miles and points.

Don’t worry, Clint.  Your secret is safe with us.  

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  1. So you favor Jesse Jackson with his “big tent” idealogy? Over here in the Miami area, columnist Dave Berry taught us Jackson is all wet.

    “It always rains on tents. Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a tent.”

    1. Aloha Dave, if we’re getting politically technical, I’m probably more Libertarian, though maybe not as stark as Ron Paul. But, when we’re talking miles and points, there’s always room for one more.

  2. sorry i missed Clint at the event… would have told him FOX is our Fav channel to watch!!!!!

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