American Airlines Cancels Service To Two Cities Out Of LAX

American Airlines is canceling service to Monterey, CA (MRY) and Santa Fe, New Mexico (SAF) as of September 7th and 8th, respectively.  These destinations are both serviced by regional jet out of LAX, so not a ton of capacity.

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American Eagle Regional Jet
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Monterey is serviced twice a day by a CRJ, while Santa Fe is only one flight a day on a CRJ.  American does a good job of serving a whole slew of cities in California, connecting that traffic through a sizable hub at LAX.  While the combined American will still service MRY through PHX (3 flights a day on regional jets), it strikes me that the LAX-MRY flight must be doing really badly for AA not to want to have that traffic go through LAX.  Either that, or they’re out of slots and have a better target in mind for those frequencies.

Santa Fe has service via DFW (4X a day on regional jets), but I was surprised to see it’s not served by US Airways. Pretty much every time I’ve gone to Santa Fe, I’ve ended up flying into Albuquerque since the price was cheaper (and only an hour drive).

Anyways, not earth-shattering news, but I am interested to see what routes hit the cutting room floor as American Airlines and US Airways combine operations.  With LAX and PHX close together, I would expect to see them collectively shrink, though I would have expected that PHX would see the bigger share of shrinkage.

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  1. As you said, not earth shattering, but still interesting. Any time new service is announced, whatever service is being dropped often is forgotten, so it’s good to see some changes from the other side of things being brought up.

    1. Christian, probably not interesting to the masses, but to you and me. 🙂
      I want to spend some time later trying to figure if there’s other new service these planes/slots are going to serve that have already been announced.

  2. flights to mry are also frequently impacted by fog. Was there earlier this year and both aa flights to lax cancelled.

    1. John, good point. I’ve never flown into MRY. Looks like I’ll have less options to do so in the future.

  3. I live in SAF, and it made the news here that AA was cutting service. Fares to LAX were always consistently much higher than flying out of ABQ, so that made me think they must have been attracting enough customers to sustain it. Also heard that from time to time Hollywood types would take the flight, since Santa Fe/New Mexico has a few TV and movie productions. But, perhaps like MRY, when we get any kind of weather in the winter, they are quick to cancel the flight – I don’t think we have equipment here to clear the runways of snow and ice. I certainly enjoy flying out of SAF on United Express and not driving an hour to ABQ – it is fantastic to be off the plane and in your car five minutes later.

    1. Greg, if I lived in SAF I wouldn’t want to drive the extra hour if I didn’t have to, so I can empathize. Wouldn’t imagine you get enough bad weather down there to cause that many days of disruption? Sorry to hear that you’re losing key service, although I guess you can still use United and/or American to DFW.

  4. Alaska/Horizon just announced new service from MRY to LAX, only once a day though and UA still have service to LAX.

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