My Presentations From The DFW Frequent Traveler University

I always enjoy participating in Frequent Traveler University.  This time, in DFW, it was especially enjoyable because I had two people come up to me who were at my sessions in December of last year.  They had booked their first trip already from the miles they were earning based on the lessons they learned from me, and were thrilled!  They had registered for the advanced sessions in DFW so they could learn even more.

This is a labor of love for me, like the blog.  I’m not making enough money from the blog to retire and buy an island somewhere, but it’s great that people enjoy what I write and find value in it.

For those that missed my presentations in DFW, here are the two I presented independently.  You can also find copies of the Intro to Miles & Points and Family Travel presentations Mommy Points prepared here.  I was just along for the ride, teaming up with my favorite mommy travel blogger.

All About American AAdvantage:


Introductory Comparison Of Hotel Status:


Until I retire and buy that island, I’m happy to answer any questions folks have.  Helping people travel better, one family at a time!

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    1. I’ve seen both. I believe they are supposed to charge you tax but I’ve had enough times I can recall where they didn’t.

  1. I was at FTU, but I missed your American Airlines presentation. Thanks for posting your slides. Very helpful! I am a newly minted EXP, and I’m trying to use a SWU for a segment from Charlotte to LHR on US Airways. Your slide says that SWUs are only usable on AA metal. Does that now include US flights as well, or am I out of luck? I’ve called US Airways multiple times, and haven’t gotten a clear answer. Thanks.

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