Looking For A Quieter Lounge At London Heathrow Terminal 5?

London Heathrow Terminal 5 can be a pretty crowded place to deal with a layover.  The British Airways lounges dominate comprise a great deal of space in the main concourse but given the volume of passengers using the terminal, I rarely have found them anything but over-crowded.

Part of the joy of the lounge experience is tranquility.  When virtually every seat is filled, it’s hard to achieve that.  But, there is a lounge at T5 you might not be aware of.

***IMPORTANT****  You can only use this lounge if your onward flight departs out of the B or C concourse at T5.

Don’t make the same mistake we made by riding the train out to the B concourse and trying to come back.

But, if you find yourself departing from B or C, find the British Airways lounge located in the center of the B concourse.  If you’re departing from the C concourse, just ride the train one stop to B for the lounge, then when you’re ready to go, hop on for one more stop to C.

The lounge itself isn’t huge, but each of the 3 times I’ve been there it’s been relatively empty.

Heathrow Lounge


Heathrow Lounge

It’s nicely appointed and has plenty of food and drink options.  There’s no massage wing, but most of the comforts you would expect from a Business Class lounge are here.  Of course, you’ll need lounge access, most commonly either by having a Business Class ticket or being a oneworld Emerald (your default status level as an American Airlines Executive Platinum member).

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  1. Discovered this lounge too late when I got to the B pier for my flight last month and saw a sign. Never knew there was a BA lounge outside the main terminal complex! BA doesn’t advertise its existence (nor reveal what gate one leaves from until about an hour prior to boarding.

    1. David, helpful hint. When you go through passport control downstairs, the BA agent who checks your passport can tell you the gate for your flight. I’ve only been refused once.

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