30,000 Bonus Gold Points For Club Carlson Visa Holders

Reader Brett reports in the comments here that Club Carlson is offering 30,000 bonus points on your next eligible stay between now and August 31, 2015:

to thank you for your continued loyalty, you can earn 30,000 bonus Gold Points on your next Eligible Stay at a Carlson Rezidor hotel worldwide when you pay with your Club CarlsonSM Visa.  Offer ends August 31, 2015.

This is in tandem with them eliminating the free night on each award stay. They will be offering a free night going forward for spending $10,000 on your Club Carlson credit card. It’s not clear if that’s a free night every $10K in spend (I don’t think it is having read more language) and if that free night is limited to a specific category range of properties.  Given that “Eligible Stay” is capitalized here, I’m guessing that matches what they define a stay in their T&C, likely any paid rate booked directly with them. I’m not familiar with the program T&C but I’ll look it up.

Giving a 30,000 point bonus as a one-time spiff doesn’t strike me as the type of benefit that will get people to keep the card if the primary reason was for the free award nights benefit that’s going away. But, 30,000 points beats a sharp stick in the eye.

This could be targeted, but I think given the wording it will be extended to all card holders. Check your email or call US Bank to be sure.



  1. Do you think this is stackable with the 5,000 point bonus for booking via the app? Considering a local hotel has $80 a night rate, would it be worthwhile to do a mattress run for 35,000 free points?

  2. 35,000 free points may have been worth it in the past as it got you 2 free nights for $80, but you still need to spend another $1500 on the card to get up to 50,000 free night which is $33 on Barclays Arrival card, hence you’d be paying $113 for the free night; which isn’t bad assuming you know you’re going somewhere that you can use just 1 night, otherwise completely not worth it.

    Definitely will be canceling my card upon renewal time.

  3. got the same offer. @Marlene, note that you can still book 2 for 1 until May 28th, so I’d say is definitely worth it if you can get something else booked by then (not sure how long the 30k points will take to post though)

    1. FTG, is it clear that you can MAKE bookings until the 28th or have to complete your stay with a free night by the 28th?

  4. Why not write a post showing how people can file a complaint with the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, how they should PDF the page that shows the benefits of the card and tell the CFPB they want a refund of their annual fee due to changes to the benefits associated.
    These are the pages that show the benefits you receive for the annual fee you pay:

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