Aviation Geek Fest On Sale Today at 7:00pm EST

If you’re interested attending a once-in-a-lifetime type event for aviation enthusiasts, set your clock for precisely 7:00pm EST.  This year’s event features:

  • Boeing  factory floor tour.
  • Driving tour of the Boeing grounds, including the paint buildings, Dreamlifter Ops Center and the delivery center.
  • Boeing Customer Experience Center tour
  • VIP 787 Access at the Museum of Flight (not sure what this entails, but definitely piqued my interest)

Here’s a more complete description of this year’s event along with links to recaps of previous year’s events.

While I haven’t been to Aviation Geek Fest, I’ve been lucky enough to do a couple of the activities listed above (factory floor tour, Customer Experience Center).  Anyone who falls into the category of aviation geek would have an unbelievable time at this event.

Tickets are $100 and include a $20 Boeing gift card.  I assume that’s good at the small store located a couple blocks from the Museum of Flight that I hit every time I’m in Seattle.

Aviation Geek

At any rate, if you’re interested, you’ll need to be ready right at 7:00pm EST.  Tickets sold out in 3 minutes last year.

Alas, I’ll be on a plane when tickets go on sale. I’ll put myself on the standby list, as these dates are remarkably open on my calendar.  But, I don’t think there’s a great chance I’ll be in attendance.


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