Check Your American Airlines AAdvantage Account; Passwords Stolen

News via View From the Wing tells us that United Airlines wasn’t the only airline to be compromised recently.

American Airlines is reporting that this was a data hack of their systems, rather that these credentials were stolen elsewhere and used to access AAdvantage accounts.

American says they’re proactively reaching out to affected members, but I never like leaving such things for others to rectify. The best thing to do is to login to your AAdvantage account and change your password. Shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes.

As I said in my post about United’s data breach, I’m surprised the travel programs haven’t seen more data breaches. That being, it doesn’t appear that the lack of complexity for passwords was a driving factor here.

Bottom Line It For Me, Ed

Miles are money, currency if you will. Don’t leave it up to others to protect your miles and points. Change your passwords and check your balances regularly. Consider using a service like Award Wallet to keep an eye on balances.


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