Last Opportunity To Buy US Airways Dividend Miles At 1.9 Cents?

US Airways is likely having it‘s last mileage sale at just shy of 1.9 cents per mile, and it ends on September 30, 2014.  I’ve been given some information that strongly indicates this is the last time we’ll see the standard US Airways offering, so if you’re considering a purchase of miles for an upcoming trip, you probably have to act in the next few days to get this price.

Last Opportunity

For quite some time, US Airways has made a habit out of selling miles cheaply.  Prices were cheaper than the current 1.88 cents for a while, but this has been our pricing for long enough that I’ve come to except it as the norm for US Airways.  Contrast that to American Airlines, who generally doesn’t go below 2.3 cents per AAdvantage mile except on rare occasions.

I wouldn’t recommend this offer unless you were prepared to buy at least 30,000 miles, the other prices really are just way too high.  But, if you have a specific trip planned and your account isn’t quite where you need it to be, 1.88 cents isn’t a bad deal, especially given the price of premium international travel.

There are still so many opportunities to acquire points more cheaply over the long haul, some that haven’t even presented themselves yet but are sure to follow.  And, through the end of this year, you can still get 40,000 miles by signing up for the US Airways Premier World MasterCard and paying the $89 fee.  That’s a fraction of the price of buying miles directly through the airline, but may not be an option for everyone.

Lots of things are changing with US Airways and American Airlines right now.  We know the Barclay relationship is going away, and with it the opportunity to get that sign-up bonus.  It now appears that the inevitable end to the “under 2 penny” pricing for US Airways Dividend Miles is upon us.

Please note:  If you apply for the US Airways Mastercard using the link above, I do receive a referral credit.  It’s the best offer I’m aware of on the market for that card and I carry it in my wallet.  I do appreciate it if you use my link.

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