A New Hyatt Targeted Promotion Has Me Wondering If There’s A Shift In Thinking

Good news, bad news.  For those that were targeted, there’s a pretty lucrative Hyatt Gold Passport promotion out for the  fall.  I was targeted, and the promo looks as follows:

Targeted Promotion


It’s a stacking promo similar to ones that Hyatt has run in the past

  • 5 nights earns 5,000 bonus points.
  • 10 nights earns an additional 10,000 points.
  • 15 nights earns an additional 15,000 points.
  • 20 nights earns an additional 20,000 points

I did confirm with Hyatt that this promo is targeted, and at least somewhat narrowly as I spoke with a few Diamond members who were not targeted.

For those that were targeted, there still is a registration link, so be sure to register.

The promo runs from September 1st to November 30, 2014.  There was one downer when I read the T&C:

For the purpose of this offer, an “Eligible Night” is defined as any night where a member is paying an Eligible Rate, as defined in the terms and conditions of Hyatt Gold Passport, except that nights at M life resorts do not count as Eligible Nights under this offer.

I’ll likely have roughly 10 nights in Las Vegas during the promo period and I’m not sure I’m willing to stay at the Hyatt Place to try and max out this promo.

What does this mean for a fall systemwide promotion for Hyatt Gold passport members?

It’s a good question.  Occupancy and average daily rate are up, meaning hotel companies feel like they have to compete less for our business.  Promotions have grown less rewarding than they were 5 years ago.  Hyatt is also not one to run consecutive promotions like some hotel chains; they usually have a gap in between them.

Given the current climate, I think it’s unlikely that an individual member would be targeted for a fairly lucrative promotion such as this and then be allowed to stack it on top of a fall promotion.  I think it’s even more unlikely they would be putting an offer like this out with the intention of doing something similarly rewarding (though structured differently) systemwide.

They have promos out right now in a number of different areas, including one that awards bonuses for multiples nights at M Life properties that runs through the end of the year, and one that gives triple airline miles that runs out in a couple weeks.

Maybe Hyatt is shifting away from promotions that run concurrently against their competition.  If so, it would be an interesting strategy.  Having multiple offers in the market, such as the ones above, make it more likely you have something to appeal to a wider swath of customers.  They may be counting on the fact that their competition may not be featuring more rewarding offers.  At least at the outset of the fall promotions, Marriott appears to be fulfilling that promise.

Shouldn’t be much longer before we see what other chains come out with.


  1. I’m a high spend Diamond who has already re qualified and I didn’t get this promotion. Kinda ruffles my feathers because even though I earn a lot of points, I like to spend them too. Just blew 75k at Bellagio and would like to spend more like that. It’s supposed to be my reward for my loyalty and my high ADR, right?

    1. It’s what YOU would like to believe. It’s what I would like to believe. But, they likely targeted folks they thought would spend more if rewarded. Do you have stays booked already for later in the year? I’m re-qualified, but haven’t booked my travel for the rest of the year. That might be why I was targeted, because they see I spend good money and haven’t promised to spend any yet through the rest of the year (and don’t have any higher status to achieve with them).

  2. I have not seen anyone post about this, but I got an offer from Hyatt for 10,000 points after three stays.

    “You must receive this offer from Hyatt and register by November 30, 2014 through the email link above to participate in this offer. You will receive 10,000 Hyatt Gold Passport bonus points after you complete three Eligible Stays from September 1, 2014 through November 30, 2014. A maximum 10,000 bonus points may be earned, regardless of the number of stays completed during the offer period. For the purpose of this offer, an “Eligible Stay” is defined in the terms and conditions of Hyatt Gold Passport, except that stays at M life resorts do not count as Eligible Stays under this offer. Hyatt Gold Passport members will only receive Eligible Stay credit for their room, regardless of the number of rooms paid. You must provide your Hyatt Gold Passport membership number at the time of check-in and choose points or miles for your stay. Hyatt Gold Passport will automatically track Eligible Stays when you provide your Hyatt Gold Passport membership number. Please allow two to three weeks after your stay for bonus points to be posted to your Hyatt Gold Passport account. “

      1. Sorry for the delayed reply. I have Diamond status (still in the middle of a Diamond challenge, but I got my 12 nights already). I have three stays booked in the next two weeks, but nothing after that for the rest of the year… yet.

  3. Where did you get the idea that hotels have NOT been targeting promos? Look at the history of the MegaBonus from Marriott (though, interestingly, not this time around). Always different versions targeted to different groups. The IHG Big Win was similarly targeted.

    1. Ah, Seth. Always good to hear from you. Both of the promos you note we’re very widely targeted, as in most members got some sort of offer. The Hyatt one seems to be narrower. If targeted effectively, that makes much better business sense. While I might not like it as a consumer because I might not always get targeted, focusing promos at customers who’s behavior can be modified is likely much more profitable than the shotgun approach.

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