Random Thoughts On Friday

I’ve been very lucky to maintain a pile of miles and points that help our family travel the world for free in luxury.  The advent of revenue based programs at Delta and United make me a bit sad that it’s likely I won’t have that luxury as my kids grow older, making it more difficult to show them the world.

Robin Williams was someone who’s made me laugh since I was literally a kid. Good Morning, Vietnam was both funny and sobering. It makes me sad that he’s gone.

I believe West Wing is the greatest television series I’ve ever watched and The Shield is as close a second as there could be.  I don’t see that changing.

I think American Airlines is the best combination of an airline and loyalty program in the US.

I think Hyatt is eating the competition’s lunch, though SPG still has enough shine to make me wish they could rewind 5 or 6 years.

Our summer consisted of (in part) a short trip to NYC, a shortish trip to Halifax to visit family, a week on a lake and two weeks in Italy. To have all that time with my family makes me a pretty lucky guy.


    1. Sharon, I’m re-watching it now and just got done with Season 2. Great show. Can’t wait to watch Season 3.

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