Time To Vote For The Best Domestic Upgrades! $50 Amazon Cards Still Up For Grabs!

It’s been an interesting debate so far.  First, Jeanne from Heels First Travel spelled out why she thought US Airways had the best domestic upgrade process.

Then, I laid out all the reasons American why American had to be the clear winner.

While it wasn’t clear who was winning from the comments posted, it’s pretty obvious Jeanne thought she might be losing.

See, Jeanne’s a bit of a Beltway insider, and she’s using political dirty tricks to sway voters.

She’s trying to paint me as unpatriotic:

His very first headline is, “Less Democracy, More Capitalism Goes A Long Way“.  Well, Ed.  Our country was founded on democracy.  I guess US Airways is more American than American!

Those sorts of tricks might work in an election, but it’s time to prove that her dirty tricks can’t give her an AAdvantage when it comes to determining the winner in domestic upgrades.

It’s your turn to vote, and I’m asking for your vote.  Only one vote per person, but you can comment as much as you like here and here for chances to win the $50 Amazon gift cards.  Keep discussing until Friday, July 18th, where we’ll pick our winners sometime that evening.

And, may the best domestic upgrade process created by American Airlines win!




  1. I have been Plat with AA for several years. What we all want from the big 3 (from this point fwd, let’s call them”The big oligopoly”) is for them to expand first class cabins on domestic routes. For reasons already uncovered by the author, this is not going to happen and the trend may actually be to reduce first class cabins. If that is our given in this equation, then the AA system of upgrading is clearly superior. I know that the lowest level elites on AA, US Air, Delta, and UA all wish that they could be upgraded 50% of the time as a reward for the fact that they fly a certain airline for 25K miles per year. The math clearly doesn’t work out, though. WAY too many people and WAY too few seats. AA allows those that truly value the upgrade to purchase additional segments and (again, given the limited supply) is really the only method that makes sense.

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