When Mother Nature Reminds You Who’s In Charge

I live in Northern Virginia and we’ve had some bizarre weather the last couple of days. I was gone, so my wife was fighting the good fight on her own. Now that I’m back there’s a bunch to get caught up on, as you can see below.

We were spared the worst of it and I’m very thankful for that. But I’ll be offline for a bit trying to get our house in order.

In Charge

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  1. No wonder flights to the North East have been shite today. I’ve been trying to get back to NoVa all day and am awaiting a PHL-BWI flight that is, somehow, not delayed.

  2. So sorry to see the mess the storm created hope what I see in the picture is the worst, must have really been all day of rain and flood..Good Luck.

    1. Thanks, Ray. It was actually two straight days of intense rain with a brief respite in the morning. And, it just started raining again! So far, no flooding. 🙂

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