Alaska Airlines Helps A 9-Year Old Boy Who’s Losing His Eyesight Realize A Dream

A captain from Alaska Airlines is helping a little boy realize his dreams.  The 9-year old, Ben, is legally blind and will likely lose all his vision in the future.  One of his dreams was to see the Northern Lights before he lost all of his eyesight.  That’s where Captain Chris Cece and Alaska Airlines come into play. They’ll be flying the boy’s entire family up to Alaska so he can witness the Northern Lights.

Captain Cece said when he saw Ben’s story, he had to make something happen. “It brought a lot of inspiration in my heart towards Ben, and I really thought to be able to do something for Ben and his family was on my list of things to do,” he said.

I’m lucky to have two happy and healthy kids who I’m showing the world to.  I think it’s pretty darn cool that a bunch of people are helping Ben realize his list of dreams so he can see the world while he’s still able.


  1. I’ve never flown Alaska Airlines but stories like this, the recent Copper River Salmon fun day and the David versus Goliath entertainment with Delta has created a bit of a soft spot for them

  2. Ed..thanks for posting this. I actually read about this in the paper, and it was pretty inspirational. I am thinking of putting something together with my miles and points, to pay it forward.

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