Daily Getaways Are Back. Deals From The First Two Weeks Are Hit And Miss

Daily Getaways are back again for 2014 and the first two weeks of deals have been released.

If you’re not familiar with Daily Getaways, it’s a program that’s been sponsored by the US Travel Association the last few years that includes a bunch of one-time purchase travel deals.  The deals used to be better, but there are still a few hidden gems amongst the lumps of coal.  For now, I’m just giving some brief overview comments.  I’m also working on a separate post about Hertz Gold Plus Rewards and I’ll include a breakdown of the Daily Getaways in there.  It’s important to remember that all these offers yield a 10% further discount when paying with any American Express card.

Week 1:

Daily Getaways

I’m not a big follower of the Wyndham rewards programs, so take my advice with a grain of salt.  When I look at the offers here, I’ve got to think you can find cheaper rates at lots of brands that are part of the Wyndham program.  At the top end, I’m sure these are good values, but likely harder to find.

The Hertz category is interesting.  Since you’re just buying points, the $475 Hertz Prestige Collection is the best value at 3.2 cents per point (with the 10% AMEX discount).  Again, more on Hertz shortly.

The Cambria packages seem overall to be a better value than the Wyndham packages, though they have less total properties.

Saving $25 on an Alamo rental ($27.50 with AMEX) is a pretty straight forward award.

Hilton HHonors points at half a penny a piece will create areas of value, but I wouldn’t scream and yell about this offer, either.

Week 2:

Daily Getaways


The IHG points just don’t seem to be a good value.  I did find properties where this will save you money, so if you have a specific trip planned this could be a good choice.  But, I would not buy these speculatively.

The Caesars options are reasonable if you can use all the items in a package.  For example, 3 nights in a suite, show tickets and a $200 dining credit is a good value for $1400 if you value the suite, see a show and use the dining credit.  It’s not if you don’t do all 3 (IMO).

The City Pass offers represent about a 40% discount.  I’ve used City Pass in a handful of cities (or an equivalent).  They’re usually a good deal if you’re staying for 4-7 days and can do at least 60% of the attractions included.

I’m not a Diamond Resorts guy.  The only thing I can picture here is their bombastic CEO crying on Undercover Boss way too many times.  That being said, $600 for a 5-night stay is a great price for folks looking to have a value vacation.  Just don’t be looking for topnotch properties and you’re likely to be happy.

Lastly, I’ll definitely be taking advantage of the Busch Gardens discounts again this year.  We bought a bunch last year at $45, the regular price is $72.  We had no issue using them.  This is much better than a AAA discount, the other best discount available to us.  Generally speaking, if you’re going for more than one day, buy a pass directly from Busch Gardens instead of buying multiple tickets here.

Same goes for Sea World.  $49 represents a hefty discount off the normal $82-$92 pricing.  Again, though, if you plan more than one day, you’re better off buying a package.

More details on Daily Getaways soon…

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