Sometimes Good Things Come Out Of Bad Social Media

It was only a few hours ago that I posted my thoughts on the little Twitter kerfluffle from last night over One Mile At a Time’s Kickstarter project to raise money to fly in a new Etihad residence.

It might be a bit of a buzz kill to folks that want to pick a fight with me on this, but I really don’t have a huge issue with what she said.  I’m a big fan of free speech and respect people’s right to express their opinions.  And, I’ve seen a lot worse opinions than these.  But, in the professional world there are often ramifications to your actions.  And, Lucky’s idea is just a bit nuts.  But, full disclosure, I did kick in a few bucks for grins.

Shortly after I posted, someone who works for me in a position where she interacts with social media on a regular basis sent me a note.  She understood that if she insulted our customers on her private Twtiter account, I likely wouldn’t be pleased by those actions.

But, a bad story turned good.

First, as Gary pointed out in his update, she apologized.

Bad Social Media


Good for her.  Right move, diffuse the situation.  Move on.  But, on top of that, I got word that Boarding Area had jumped in the mix this morning and has donated $500 to Komen, a big partner of American Airlines, as a way to turn bad thoughts into good ones.

Bad Social Media


That’s pretty cool!  People say things all the time that they wish they could take back.  Think Joe Biden.  Heck, I do it so often I’ve lost track.  I’m not sure if that’s the case here and the spokesperson would rather have the comments back, but I’m happy to see the awareness on this issue sparked some charitable giving.

And, I heard a rumor that there might be a bit more charitable action related to this in the works.  Stay tuned….


  1. I suggest people watch Pink Ribbon Inc. before donating to any breast cancer charity, especially Komen.

  2. I’m just wondering when AA is going to give Lucky a free ticket so he can donate the Kickstart to charity! ‘Cause, I’m guessing they’ll hook him up over that mess!

  3. I’m disappointed that MP/BA/Freddies used this idiocy of someone trying to get others to buy him a plane ticket as an excuse to be charitable.

    If you want to be generous and charitable do it because that’s a good thing to do, not to help draw attention to a guy who certainly doesn’t need it.

    1. Not sure any of it was done to draw attention to Ben. More the other way around, Ben drew attention to a good opportunity to donate.

        1. Understand your point, but I don’t usually see a bad reason to donate money to a charity. Some folks disagree, especially when you get into discussions about which charities people like and don’t like.

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