Just Because US Airways And American Airlines Now Codeshare With Each Other Doesn’t Mean You’ll Find The Best Price

As part of the merger between American Airlines and US Airways, both have been expanding the number of flights they codeshare on, in both directions of the relationship.  This makes perfect sense considering they’re essentially one airline now other than the massive amount of red tape to get to one operating certificate.

That being said, just booking a codeshare flight on the other airline doesn’t mean you’re going to get the best price.  I was searching for a flight recently and ran into anomalies with US Airways’ pricing of American Airlines flights.

American Airlines was selling a one-way flight connecting through LAX to Denver that was $208.  This was less than a week out, so a pretty decent rate.

Airlines Now

 It would make sense to me that US Airways would price their codes on these flights the same (or at least close).  But, that’s probably why I don’t run an airline.  $893.  I’m guessing that it’s the regional jet flight from LAX to DEN, since that one has different flight numbers.  But I haven’t dug deeper.  Airlines Now

It’s disappointing seeing a difference that big, especially since both airlines have been offering promos to fly on the other one (here and here).

But, at least it’s just a problem booking American metal using US Airways codes.  Uh, not so fast.

Same day, different flight.  US Airways itinerary prices out at $262.  American itinerary prices at $410.

Airlines Now


Airlines Now

Bookable on the US website just fine.

Airlines Now


How do you avoid this and still get the miles you want flying a new partner?  It’s an easy solution.  Just book directly with the airline that has the cheapest fare and credit the miles to the program of your choosing.  But, American and US Airways aren’t making it easy for customers to find the best prices.


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