The New American Airlines Is Easing Some Of My Fears About In-Flight Meal Service

Lucky, who writes the One Mile At A Time blog, has news on a US Airways announcement regarding changes to their premium cabin service.

These updates are surprisingly positive.  You can see the full list of updates here and I’ve detailed things I found notable below:

  • On flights less than 1 hour, enjoy a morning and afternoon/evening beverage with a snack
  • We’re offering our signature snack basket on flights 1 – 2 hours in length
  • Lite Bites, a new snack basket including fresh fruit, breakfast cakes and finger sandwiches, will be offered on flights 2 – 2:45 hours long, as well as on flights departing after 8 PM

These are all pretty positive from where I stand. If US Airways follows American Airlines’ patterns, I actually enjoy the “snack” or lighter meals on American more so than some of the entrees (except for waffles, which American just brought back for breakfast).

I also prefer choices, and Lite Bites sounds pretty good to me.  The extension of the snack basket on flights of 1-2 hours in length is something that American Airlines doesn’t do now, so I’ll wonder if that means American will match this standard.

I equally like US Airways’ snack basket and American Airlines new snack basket.  I’d be very pleased to have fresh fruit and snacks on my American flights from IAD to DFW.

And, I always like choices.  The addition of sandwiches, snacks and fresh fruit for flights from 2 hours to 2:45 is a nice plus, though it doesn’t quite match American Airlines.  I’ve had some really good snacks on American Airlines flights (chilled teriyaki steak and udon noodle salad was my favorite).

  • A meal is offered on flights 2:45 – 3:30 hours long from 5 AM to 8 PM, and Lite Bites are offered after 8 PM**
  • On flights longer than 4:30 hours, enjoy meal service with a snack basket 5 AM to 8 PM, and Lite Bites with a Continental Breakfast Box served after 8 PM and on late night flights

Again, very nice additions.  A full meal on flights 2:45 or longer is definitely an improvement.  Having a choice of snacks on those flights (and longer) is a plus for when the meal choices don’t fit your desire.

You can really sum it all up by one item in the Terms & Conditions of these new changes:

**Appetizer not served on flights 2:45 – 3:30 hours in length.



They’ve also made some announcements about international Business Class service.  Here, too, they’ve adopted the American Airlines philosophy:

  • On B757 and B767 operated flights, enjoy the new Samsung Galaxy Tab™ offering 60 movies, as well as a greater variety of television programs and audio selections
  • This spring, we’re doubling the entertainment selections on our A330s to offer you more than 250 movies, 350 audio options and more
  • Also, this spring, we’ll debut new Bose® QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones

I haven’t tried a Samsung Galaxy on a flight yet, and I do have my own iPad.  The downside to tablets is that you have to wait for the crew to hand them out, and they’re generally picked up well before landing.  So, movie watching is confined more to the middle of the flight. But, tablets and Bose headphones are great additions.

There are still monsters under the bed for the future of the merger.  Labor issues to be worked out, alignment of domestic complimentary upgrades policies, and the meshing of the reservations systems and loyalty programs.

But, yesterday was a good day for Executive Platinum members (and US Airways Dividend Miles elite members).  Keep ’em coming!


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