Earn An Easy 1,000 Miles (And Up To 10,000) With American Airlines’ New Facebook Contest

American Airlines is offering a pretty easy 1,000 miles if you play a quick game they have on Facebook, and if you fly you can earn another 9,000 more.  It feels like easy games like this to earn miles have become more scarce.  Whether that’s true or not, there’s really no reason not to do this for everyone in your family.  It’s roughly 1,000 free miles and it will extend the expiration of your accounts for another 18 months.  I don’t know who originally coined the phrase in the frequent travel world, but I remember Frugal Travel Guy saying quite often, “If it’s good enough to do for you, it’s good enough to do for the whole family.”

Up To 10000


You’ll be asked to answer some trivia questions, and even given more than one chance to get the answers right (hint, they’re pretty easy and Google is your friend if you’re not 100% sure).  And, there’s a short video to watch.

All in all, an easy chunk of  miles.

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