Daily Getaways Are Back, Frontier Is Adding Service In Cleveland And Congress Is Hard At Work Not Helping The Airlines. Things I Find Interesting On Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The US government is doing a stand-up job protecting consumers from bad airlines who don’t want to tell you how much your ticket costs.  They’re so committed they’re working on legislation to allow airlines to do exactly what they’re allowed to do today.  Just to be double super sure.

The US Travel Association is bringing back Daily Getaways again this May.  Ric Garrido, who pens the Loyalty Traveler blog has a brief recap on previous year’s deals.  There are certainly great deals to be had, especially when it comes to purchasing hotel points for vacations.  I was able to save a bunch of money on Busch Gardens tickets last year and I’ll be paying attention again this year.

Frontier Airlines is adding a bunch of new service in Cleveland on the heels of United pulling out of Cleveland in a big way.  Initially, they’re planning to serve Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Phoenix, Raleigh-Durham and Tampa in June.

Pictures of American Airlines’ new international business class 767-300.

Lucky from One Mile At a Time has the announcement that American Airlines is killing their Dynamic Air Awards.  I never really understood who the target market for these awards were.  They were curiously placed and also not really marketed anywhere prominently I saw.  It’s not surprising they are going away.

That’s what I’m interested in today.  What’s going on in your travel world?

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