Hyatt Regency Warsaw Leaving The Hyatt Family On March 19, 2014

Thanks to reader David H. for sending this note along:

Dear Valued Guest,

Regrettably, as of 23:59:59 on 19 March 2014, the Hyatt Regency Warsaw will no longer be
operated as a Hyatt hotel, and Hyatt International (Europe Africa Middle East) LLC’s affiliation
with the hotel will come to an end at such time.

Hyatt Gold Passport members arriving beyond this date will NOT be eligible to redeem Hyatt Gold
Passport free nights or receive program benefits, including Hyatt Gold Passport points and stay

It’s always a bummer when my favorite hotel chain loses a property, though I have no knowledge of the Hyatt Regency Warsaw in particular so can’t gauge how big the loss is. Poland’s not exactly a huge growth area for the hotel industry.

I have some professional experience many moons ago with chain properties and franchise agreements. It’s not surprising to me that there isn’t much notice that the property is leaving Hyatt. My guess is that the property wasn’t meeting standards and had been put on a plan to improve and fell short. I don’t have direct knowledge, but I suspect that the hotel chains still maintain a significant amount of ability to “pull their flag” and protect the brand if they do a good job documenting deficiencies.

Anyway, not earth shattering but something to note if Poland is on your radar.

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