Check Your Mail. Hyatt Has Another Credit Card Bonus Promo

I was expecting that the current Hyatt promo wouldn’t include a bonus for Hyatt credit card holders since they haven’t done it in conjunction with the last couple of promos.  But, I was pleased to see a bonus offer for credit card spending show up in my mail yesterday.  It wasn’t the first time I’d seen a similar promo sent to me from Hyatt.

Credit Card Bonus Credit Card Bonus Credit Card Bonus

It was odd that this promo started January 1st but I was just getting the card now.  I can still hit the spending threshold no problem, but I’m wondering if others are eligible for this offer but haven’t received correspondence.

The offer is for 5,000 bonus points after spending $3,000 by the end of March.  I haven’t been using my Hyatt credit card lately, and I’m wondering if I “qualified” because they’re trying to engage my spending.  I believe I was an active user the last time this offer came out.

At any rate, it’s a pretty solid bonus for $3,000 in spending.  When you set aside sign-up bonuses for new cards, this is probably one of the more sizable bonuses I’ve seen for just plain old spending on a card you already have.

The offer clearly says you need to enroll and there was a unique enrollment code for me on the offer.  If you have the  Hyatt credit card and haven’t received the offer, I’d suggest calling the number listed in the picture above and asking if you’re eligible.

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  1. Also got the offer via email around Jan 18. The spending has been erratic, some months nothing, some months around or about 1k. 😉 But definitely taking advantage of this offer!

    1. Stratos, thanks for the data point. Have you been staying at any Hyatts? Trying to figure out what the qualifications were for this.

  2. Got the same offer a couple days ago. Last time I used the card was a hold on an award stay in May that ended with a $0 folio so I definitely fall in the inactive camp.

  3. I received the offer via email… My mother-in-law who also has the card was not targeted for this promo.
    I had her call in anyway and ask for it, and they said she didn’t qualify, but as a courtesy, they did give her 1000 Hyatt points… so she was happy with that.

    1. Lanny, that’s a nice little plus for calling in. I wonder why some folks got the offer via e-mail and others got snail mail.

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