Have You Registered For The First Hotel Promos Of 2014?

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Registering for hotel promos is always free and usually very quick and easy.  Since travel patterns are rarely exactly as we intended, I recommend registering for all the promos just in case plans change.  Registration is now open for each of the promos I’ve reviewed, so I assembled the links and a brief refresher on each below.  Take a moment and register today:

IHG Big Win:

Registration link here.

Most folks will get an offer between to earn between 70,000 and 100,000 points.  Of the promos announced so far, this one is the most likely to complete with a mattress run.  For mine, I would need to complete 2 stays for a total of 5 nights.  With the widespread coverage of IHG, I could certainly complete this promo for less than $100 a night, and I could certainly turn 70,000 points into more than $500 in value.  But, it would take some work and it’s highly  likely I wouldn’t get a whole vacation out of those points and I don’t keep an IHG balance.

This promo is certainly a good value for IHG loyalists of any level based on the ability to achieve multiple targets with one stay.

Full promo review here.

Hyatt Gold Passport Endless Possibilities:

Registration link here.

Hyatt has taken some good pieces of previous promos and combined it into choices for members with Endless Possibilities.  Again, this isn’t as potent as past promos like Faster Free Nights, but Hyatt loyalists have a lot to be happy about here.

Members will be able to choose between free nights (up to 4 total free nights) or bonus points (up to 50,000 points).  That’s a truly solid value for members.  If you’re able to plan out a vacation to use the free nights by July, 2014 that’s certainly the best value, while others can choose points and bank them until they’re ready to go on a vacation.

The one thing to remember before you register is that whichever choice you make you can’t change your mind afterwards.  Be sure of your choice when you make it.  I lean towards stockpiling points so that I don’t have to worry about redeeming free nights in time, but the free nights are certainly the better value if you can redeem at the top of the spectrum (category 4 hotels).

I’m a Hyatt Homer TM but in terms of straight value regardless of hotel loyalty, I think this is the best of the bunch.

Full promo review here.

Marriott Rewards Mega Bonus:

Registration link here.

Mega Bonus is back for Marriott Rewards fans, which means free nights.  Just not that many of them.  You max out at 2 free night and, similar to Hyatt, the free nights are capped at category 4 properties.  Working through the list of category 4 properties for both chains, I prefer the Hyatt list.

Mega Bonus is good for Marriott loyalists, but capping at 2 nights means folks who have a bunch of Marriott stays either means not earning bonuses on some stays or splitting your business between two chains.

Full promo review here.

Starwood Preferred Guest Bring On The Nights:

Registration link here.

With all properties opting in, you can earn 2,500 bonus points for every 5 paid nights.  Plus, you can earn 5,000 bonus points if you cap out at 25 nights.  This promo is significantly weaker than the last promo Starwood ran, Take Two.  While Starpoints are the most valuable hotel currency, this promo strikes me as potentially the weakest amongst the four, since it takes 25 nights to earn 15,000 points.

Full promo review here.


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    1. gobluetwo, I’m not a Marriott guy. But, when this was a Category 5 limit it was hard to argue this wasn’t a valuable promo. Now, not so much. My condolences. 🙁

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