Uber Bumps Up Their New Member Sign-Up Bonus To $20

Uber is certainly one of my favorite (and most consistent) travel partners.  If you’re not familiar, they have a great app that allows you to arrange a car service very easily.

Once you sign up for the service, a simple click in the app allows you to schedule a ride for immediately or later.  You can see exactly how long your wait will be and what types of cars are available.

Depending on the market, Uber has expanded to include a variety of vehicle types and price points.

New Member Sign-Up



And now, they’re offering a $20 sign-up bonus when referred by an existing member.

Here’s my referral code.  If you use it, you’ll earn $20 for signing up and I’ll earn a referral credit as well.  I’m happy to give those away to readers.

Additionally, if you’re already a member and have your own referral code, feel free to leave it in the comments.

The expansion of Uber really is exciting.  While they continue to run into resistance in some markets, they cover a lot of major markets at this point:

New Member Sign-Up New Member Sign-Up



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