Free United Beverage Vouchers

First of all, thanks to reader David H. for offering up 5 United beverage vouchers for me to give away.  I happen to also have 5 that I was planning to give away, so there’s a total of 10 up for grabs.

Just leave a comment here to win.  I’ll give away at least 5 randomly, and I’ll likely give away some to comments that make me laugh.

The only rule is one entry per person.

I plan to announce the winners tomorrow at noon EST, so leave your comment before then.  Good luck!

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  1. Comcast Installation Guy entered a bar and asked for a martini shot.
    The bartender says “Your order will be ready between 7 pm and 11pm”
    Did you laugh?

  2. Could have used 1 of those last week! Holiday travels sometimes call for a cold brew. Oh well, I have several UA trips planned for this year and would love to win!

  3. I fly on a United Q400 in a few days…not sure how I feel about flying on a plane where the wings are on top of the fuselage. Definitely could use a gin and tonic to get me through it!

    1. Justin, you may not appreciate the quality of gin United is serving. 😉

      The Q400 is definitely better than the smallest RJs.

  4. Given the level of customer service and friendliness often encountered on United since the merger (oh, I miss Continental…), I could use a free drink!

  5. I managed to get a status match to Star Gold via Turkish, and I thought that would solve all my problems when flying United. But the recent reduction in benefits to Star Golds, like going from 2 free checked bags to 1, has left me needing a drink!

  6. I’m leaving the country for four months to backpack in S. America. I could use a drink to help cope with all of the stress of backing everything up.

  7. To paraphrase Mark Twain, suppose I was Jeff Smisek, and suppose I was an idiot… but I repeat myself.

    (Or if you prefer, substitute CIO Bob Edwards.)

  8. Would love to use the voucher on a flight to Milan in February… Cause I’m sure United isn’t pissed enough that Wideroe screwed them!!

  9. Thanks for the giveaway and would love to have a drink on my birthday trip to Amsterdam.

    Amsterdam is like a Tour de France. Just a lot of people on drugs riding bikes.

  10. Using up all my UA points on a flight to Panama before the depreciation, and a free drink somewhere out over the Gulf of Mexico would be super.

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