Points Hound Offering 50% Bonus On All Booking Through End Of 2013

Points Hound is out with an offer today to earn 50% more points/miles with each hotel booking through the end of 2013.

Points Hound

If you already use Points Hound, you should have received an e-mail from them with your referral link.  If you didn’t, log into your Points Hound account, hover over “Account” at the top right and click on “Invite & Earn” to get your referral code.

If you don’t already use Points Hound, make sure you get a referral credit for signing up.  While I have a referral link, the best one I know of right now is courtesy of View From The Wing, which will net you 1000 miles.

There are plenty of sites that offer bonuses and rebates for booking your hotel stays through them.  Points Hound is different in two ways.  First, they offer you the opportunity to earn elite benefits at popular hotel chains and have your hotel status recognized.  That’s not something the major online travel agencies (OTAs) like Orbitz and Expedia do.  Generally, bookings through those channels with the major chains don’t qualify for points or stay credits.  Second, Points Hound is giving away a very generous amount of miles as a commission/rebate for your business.

I usually find most of the OTAs and rebate offers aren’t worth the effort.  But, I think Points Hound does a fair job of maintaining a good booking interface.  And, they’re launching some new initiatives in an effort to get more of your preferences to the hotel.

50% more miles is certainly a nice Christmas present if you can book some of your 2014 stays between now and the end of the year.


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