Spreading Joy (And Miles) In The Holiday Season!

I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping for the kids, but I realized I still had just a bit of gift giving left to do before this holiday season was complete.  The newest version of Milepoint’s Premium Membership is just about sold out.  When the folks at the House of Miles told me we were likely to be sold out I asked them to hold 2 of the remaining Premium Memberships so I could give them away to my readers.  And, here we are!

That means 2 lucky winners will each get 1,000 United Miles, free Hilton Gold status, Free National Car Rental Executive status and a bunch more benefits.

It’s an easy contest.  Just help me plan my spring break vacation with my family.  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post with a trip you’ve taken that was incredible or a trip that you really want to take.

You can leave one comment a day, and enter each day between now and Tuesday, December 17th.

I’ll select one entry randomly to win a Premium Membership.  The other will be awarded to a comment that’s either a really cool trip or makes me laugh (what can I say?  I’m a simple guy).

Good luck!  This is just my small way of saying thanks for following along with me.  As Stephen King says, without you, Dear Reader, there’s no reason to weave the tale.

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  1. You should try Zihuatanejo! We love Playa la Ropa’s wonderful restaurants that you can walk to barefoot along the sand. The people are so delightful and welcoming!

    1. Bothofus2, I agree! We did Clearwater a couple years ago at the Sheraton. Enjoyed seeing Winter the dolphin as well!

  2. My kids have been begging me to take them to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. It looks like it would be a great place for kids and adults as well.

    1. Chris, Atlantis has been on our list for a while. The few times I’ve checked it out the prices have been kind of outrageous, but it’s definitely on our list.

        1. Paul, I’ve read Mommy Points review (and I’m a big fan of hers). Atlantis is definitely on the radar, though I’m likely spoiled enough to want to stay onsite. 🙂

    1. Austin, I’ve actually NEVER been to Hawaii. Been an East Coast guy, there are a lot of closer places we’ve visited. Hawaii’s always been on the list but our son doesn’t travel well just yet, so we’re holding off on flights that long for another year or so.

  3. Jukkasjarvi, Sweden for the ice hotel, but better (less frigid) if your Spring Break is later. Sleeping on caribou pelts in a military grade sleeping bag, within a hand-carved room in a building constructed entirely of ice… Bucket list trip!

  4. I’m surprising my wife with a trip to SE Asia for Christmas (first trip to Asia for either of us). When Asiana F space became available from JFK in those suites, I used that as my jumping point to Asia (and gave me a good excuse to burn my remaining United miles before the devaluation). We will be hitting Thailand and Indonesia over almost two weeks, with stops planned in Bangkok, Phuket and Bali but am still exploring other cities/ideas to do while in SE Asia.

    1. Ralph, that sounds like an awesome trip! You and your wife are going to have an incredible time, especially given the F seats. I’m jealous!

  5. You got many United miles handy? I flew on a UA reward to Palau (ROR) to do some sea kayaking for a week last year and had an AMAZING time. There are also plenty of SCUBA and adventure opportunities, and lots of WWII history for the kids if you want to make it an educational thing. I highly recomend the palce.

  6. Vail is lovely for downhill and cross country skiing! Or…I prefer to head south and my kids always loved going to FL…there are all the touristy things to do (which I have to admit my kids loved Seaworld!) as well as the FL Keys, Sanibel, The Everglades and Shark Valley park.

  7. For spring break we go to Scottsdale for spring training every year. Great weather and baseball, what more could you want in March.

    1. Jay, I ended up in Scottsdale/PHX one year during spring training by accident. Had fun. Probably need the kids to be a bit older. Our son still can’t sit through more than an inning.

  8. Spring in Santa Fe, nestled at the base of the Sange de Crhistos, is glorious! Expose the kids to a harmonious tri-cultural city and the magnificent mountains and desert beyond. Help them decipher the many petroglyphs carved in the hills of Bandolier National Park by native peoples who roamed the land. Explore the ruins, by foot or on horseback, left by the ancients and return to dine outside under under the big New Mexico sky. Take them to Ghost Ranch where they can hike the hills that mesmerized Ansel Adams, Georgia O’Keeffe and legends of yesterday. Hang out in downtown Santa Fe’s historic plaza where native Indians, wrapped in blankets, sell their silver, turquoise and natural stone handmade jewelry and crafts. Explore the low adobe buildings that house museums filled with Indian artifacts and Spanish history in our country’s oldest capital city. Dine on blue corn, chile, squash and pizza. Fly in to Albuquerque and rent a car for the 90-minute drive to Santa Fe where the flawless sky, almost turquoise, and the clear desert air illuminate the peaks of the Jemez and Sandia ranges. A feast for the soul and the senses, Santa Fe bills itself as the “city different.”.

    1. Lee, I’ve been to Santa Fe twice and loved if. I certainly would enjoy taking the family there. Great narrative on your part!

  9. Go for the new Hyatt All-Inclusives. Haven’t been to the Hyatt ones but had an awesome family trip a few years ago to an all-inclusive resort. Great for families because you don’t necessarily need to “herd” everyone around.

  10. My trip to Koh Samui staying at Conrad Koh Samui really was the best hotel luxury experience I’ve ever had. I thought that it would be overrated given all the buzz on the blogs, but then when I got there, it really blew me away. (and I’ve stayed at many luxury hotels in Asia, being Beijing-based)

  11. Phoenix/Scottsdale for Spring Break. It is a quick, easy & simple trip, but that leaves time for lots of fun with the family. Warm enough to stay at a resort with lots of pools, wife can go to the spa, etc. Nothing fancy, but lots of good family memories.

    1. Chris,

      PHX is actually our backup plan right now. If we can’t get something like Cabo to work PHX will work great as a standby choice.

  12. I just got back from Interlakken, Switzerland – if you’ve never been there, you have missed one of the most beautiful places on earth!

    1. Dude, Cancun is. We’ve done it before and will likely loop somewhere else, but I’m looking forward to doing a trip to Hyatt Zilara without the kids at some point.

  13. My wife wants to go to Hawaii and it’s one place that we can get a great deal with our timeshare. Since award space to Hawaii is hard to come by, any idea how to get my family of four there without spending upwards of $800 per ticket?

    1. Meghan, we’ve done Disney during Spring Break. Not an experience I relish repeating, even with how much we love Disney. Crowds=not pleasant.

    1. Esteban, I’m trying to figure out how much it costs for me to book a 2-BR suite at Hyatt Ziva. If it’s reasonable, we’re there.

    1. NcSam, also on our bucket list. We want to cruise to Alaska. We also want to do a train tour across Canada, possibly combined with the cruise.

  14. I was going to recommend visiting Israel, but then I read that you have a very young son who can’t travel long-distances yet. Costa Rica?

  15. How about Belize? The rainforests are filled with unexplored Mayan ruins and wildlife. There is also sailing, snorkeling and caving (my kids loved caving!). Accommodations, food and transport are all cheap and the people humble and friendly and the native language is English.

    1. Chris,
      We did a one day stop in Belize and saw the ruins. Those were enjoyable but we didn’t love the rest of Belize. It was fine, just not overwhelming.

  16. This may qualify for the “make u laugh” category…but what about taking your kids on a cruise? My kids loved them… And the bigger ships don’t feel any of the rough seas… And mom n dad even get some “alone grown-up time” while the kids are in the kids programs!

    1. JW, cruises are certainly on our list. Having trouble finding the right room types for less than a fortune, but we do enjoy cruising (mostly in Royal Caribbean, though we want to give Disney cruises a try).

  17. You would love a trip to Havana! The historic buildings, cars from the 50s, fun friendly people and excellent rum.
    Best to go to Nassau first and catch a flight from there.

  18. St. John USVI is great for families. Beaches are world famous but not that crowded, water is beautiful and fantastic for snorkeling. My kids loved snorkeling with sea turtles all around. Easy flight from East Coast.

  19. I took my nieces to Atlanta and we had a blast. They tasted every flavor at the world of Coca Cola, stayed forever in the Aquarium (the belugas are mesmerizing) and we ate pizza up in the revolving lounge on the 73rd floor of the Westin Peachtree. If you did that last one you would truly be pizza in motion lol.

  20. We had a great spring break in Honolulu and Kauai a couple of years ago
    In Peru we are doing a ‘family’ tour with Thomson family adventure

    1. Octavian, that’s on our list. We want to rent an RV and do some exploring of that part of the country. We’ve never been to Mt. Rushmore.

  21. My nieces also loved a trip to Philly, I took them to the Shofuso house, they stared at the media wall in the Comcast building, had hot chocolate before dinner at Max Brenner, and played with the giant game pieces at the park nearby. We did the museum as well and they spent pretty much all day in there! Really a nice, low key time. The Shofuso house is far more interesting if you can get the guided tour. They close for winter.

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