American Airlines Offering A Pretty Lucrative Bonus For Flights Between JFA Pretty Lucrative Bonus K And LAX

American Airlines is offering up to 15,000 bonus miles for each roundtrip between JFK and LAX in early 2014.  Now, I can’t afford to buy First or Business Class tickets for my domestic travel, nor do I think it’s a particularly good value.  Also, I don’t buy full-fare coach tickets.  And, I’m not alone in those regards.  Most folks are buying the cheaper, discounted fares the airlines offer.  And, most bonuses American Airlines offers to celebrate new routes or products require at least a full-fare “ish” coach ticket.  But, not this one!

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As part of the rollout of the new A321 transcon, pretty much any roundtrip coach ticket will earn you a 5,000 mile bonus.  That’s almost exactly a 100% bonus.  So, a Platinum or Executive Platinum member who earns a 100% bonus normally would earn a 200% bonus on roundtrips.  That’s not too shabby.  It covers all flights from early January through the end of March and makes me wish I had some travel planned on that route.  Cheap tickets can be found from time to time on this route and they sure would net a hefty mileage haul.

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  1. For those (like me) wondering what the * in the T&Cs means, “*Excludes fares booked in O and Q.”

    And you need to register for the promo to earn the points. The link atop the post should work.

    1. Thanks for the clarification, Seth. I don’t think I’ve ever booked a ticket in O. Can’t rightly remember if I booked a Q fare.

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