Capital One Proves That You Can’t Believe Everything You See on TV Or The Internet With Their Quicksilver Card

I really like Samuel Jackson.  He’s funny and engaging and I’ve enjoyed a bunch of his movies (The Negotiator and SWAT were two of my favorites).  And, while he’s entertaining in Capital One’s newest commercial for their Quicksilver card, he’s wrong.  I had the annoying good luck of seeing this commercial multiple times while my Duke Blue Devils men’s basketball team were thrashing the Michigan Wolverines the other night.

“Do I look like I’m joking, Turbo boosting, Heavyweight Champion of the World Cashback Card!”

It mocks other cards like the Chase Freedom card with rotating categories, though not by name.  And, sure, I’m not a monster fan of Chase Freedom, though it does have a place in some wallets.

But the Quicksilver card offers unlimited 1.5% cashback on every purchase, every where, “Every Damn Day.”  Nice touch by Samuel.  But that doesn’t make it much of a rock star.

Why not just go get one of the Fidelity 2% cash reward cards?

Note, I don’t receive any referral credit for the Fidelity card.  It just annoyed me a whole bunch the way that Capital One positioned their not-the-best card in the field.

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  1. What? No props for the movie with Samuel Jackson’s best line ever? “I’m getting sick and tired of these $&#%€ snakes on this $&#%€ plane!”

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