US Airways Bonus Shopping Portal Miles

US Airways has an offer out today for up to triple bonus miles on purchases via their shopping portal.

I can’t say for certain, but this appears to be in lieu of a holiday shopping offer for total purchases on their portal.  It’s still possible that they may announce something later, but these are generally announced by the time Cyber Monday rolls around (like American Airlines’ announcement recently and United’s similar offer).

There are some pretty solid deals for merchants you’re probably already considering using.  4 miles per dollar on purchases strikes me as one.  6 miles/dollar on Sears, 2 miles/dollar at Toys R Us, 12 miles/dollar at eBags and Neiman Marcus also strike me as solid deals for those merchants.

There’s a note on the page that these offers are for “Barclaycard RewardsBoost Members”.  While I do have a Barclaycard, the e-mail I received appeared generic and I was able to access these offers without logging into my Dividend Miles account.

Strategically, unless you see a fantastic offer on US Airways’ shopping portal, I would hit the AAdvantage promo first since it expires today and then United Airlines promo, since the 500 mile bonuses will likely be the best value.  There are exceptions, like the fact that US Airways has 6 miles per dollar for Sears purchases, where United has 3.  So, even with the 500 mile bonus on $250, you’d still be 1 mile/dollar short on the United offers.  It always pays to compare!



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  1. Remember that you can hit up the AAdvantage portal multiple times if you have family members. I’ve at least done myself and my wife for the 2,500 miles while also hitting up various promos like’s 60X promo last week. I could also do my daughter’s account, but that ones more risky so I’m not that tempted. I would do multiples of the AAdvantage offer before even looking at the others. UA isn’t that interesting honestly.

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