US Airways Giving Away Free Club Membership If You Book A Vacation Through Their Portal

US Airways is offering a one-year free membership to the US Airways Club if you book a preferred room on a 7-day vacation at a resort that’s part of their US Airways Vacation packages.

Free Club

Full disclaimer on a few points.  I’m not a big fan of US Airways.  Or their clubs.  Or booking vacations through a service like this.  But, if you were in the market for US Airways Club membership and also happened to be in the market for a vacation, it’s probably a reasonable enough spiff.

I took a look at some of the prices for the “preferred resorts”.  A 3 night vacation including airfare from DC looks like it’ll set you back just shy of $1,000 a person.  That doesn’t suck, since it includes meals as well.  But, I wouldn’t call it a screaming deal.

Honestly, though, I thought it was an interesting way to try and get people to use their online travel agency.  I’m all in favor of the airlines finding different ways to attract customers to new products.  I’m not a buyer of this one but I do give a small round of applause to US Airways for thinking outside the box.

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