The Winner Of The Free Airline Ticket Is….

Congrats to Nicole and her photogenic family, hanging out in Croatia!

Free Airline Ticket


Nicole garnered almost 500 more votes than her closest competitor, with votes as far away as Australia.  Way to get out the vote Nicole!  Nicole wins a free airline ticket in the continental US, Canada or Mexico on American Airlines.

An honorable mention to Tara, who wins a $25 Amazon gift card for her submission of her daughter feeding the birds in Ocean City, MD.

Free Airline Ticket



Lastly, I wanted to award one more $10 Amazon gift card to Elizabeth, for this comment:

Free Airline Ticket



I especially liked that it sparked this irreverent chat between Nicole and one of her friends.  Sounds like there’s some back story there!

Thanks, again to everyone that participated.

What would you guys like to see for a future contest?

What else should I give away?

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  1. Thanks, Ed, and to all the people who voted for me and shared my pic on Facebook. Looking forward to shopping! And congrats to Nicole!

    1. Thanks, Tara. Too bad we couldn’t force you on a plane. Thanks for playing along. I’ll reach out shortly on the Amazon card.

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