81 Hours In Europe: A Quick Stop At The Radisson Blu Scandinavian In Copenhagen

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My final overnight stop before heading back home was at the Radisson Blu Scandinavian in downtown Copenhagen.  Club Carlson had a reception for us when we arrived with plenty of wine and food.  By the time I was done with the reception I was pretty much done myself.  A bunch of folks were heading out for dinner and while I regretted not going with them I also had it in the back of my mind that I might try for an earlier flight home.  That meant an early wake-up call, so it was back to my room early.

The hotel had 3 restaurants in the lobby, all of which seemed interesting.  There was a Thai restaurant, a Japanese restaurant and a restaurant called Mama’s and Papa’s that served breakfast and normal daily fare.  The hotel is also attached to casino (or vice versa), Casino Copenhagen.  It’s not located in the heart of the city, though it’s not far away and there is a Metro stop close by that will take you to the central train station without much pain.

The rooms were fairly straight forward, probably slightly better than a normal European room but below the standards of what I would expect.  The bed itself  wasn’t terribly comfortable.  It wasn’t the worst European bed I’ve ever slept in, that distinction still belongs to the Sheraton Munich Airport.  But, it was on the bottom end of the spectrum.  There were plenty of lights and outlets around the bed.  There were two more outlets at the desk and a very small desk lamp that made it a bit hard to work there though there was enough other light in the room to compensate for the lack of light at the desk.

81 Hours In Europe


81 Hours In Europe


81 Hours In Europe


The bathroom was adequate in size but lacked a few of the nicer features the Radisson Blu in Oslo had, namely a heated floor and towel rack.  The water pressure was adequate as well, though again not as good as the Radisson in Oslo.

81 Hours In Europe


I was on a fairly high floor near the top of the hotel (23rd) and still ended up hearing quite a bit of road noise, mostly sirens.  There was also other noise from outside that sounded more like a nightclub, though I’m not sure from where.  I guess it could have been the casino but it seems unlikely.  I was a few doors down from the elevator but there are tile floors in the elevator lobby area so there was also a lot of hallway noise.  No doubt I’m a bit sensitive to noise but I’d be sure to ask for a room further down the hall if I ended up here again in the future.

Since I was going to need to be at the airport ultra-early to try for an earlier flight I wanted to set a wake-up call as a backup to my cell phone.  Foreign country, changing times, all that good stuff, just seemed like a worthwhile precaution.  I called a few times but kept getting a message that everyone was busy.  I waited another 5 or 10 minutes and tried again but got the same answer.

Overall, I was a bit underwhelmed with this hotel.  I don’t have experience with any other hotels in Copenhagen so this may be the best option, but I suspect you could likely find better. I also would prefer something like Radisson in Oslo that was located in the heart of downtown.  I enjoyed a brief walk around Olso and got to experience a bit of the town. I tried to do the same in Copenhagen near the hotel but wasn’t immersed in the city in any meaningful way.

This property is a Category 5 in the Club Carlson program, which means you would need to redeem 44,000 points a night for an award stay.  That makes it 6,000 points less than the Radisson Blu Oslo which is probably about right, though Category 4 might make more sense.

I woke up at 4:30am to begin my trek back to Copenhagen airport.  That marked roughly 57 hours on the road.  Stay tuned for more LHR info and my “awake” review of American Airlines new 777-300ER Business Class seat.


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