Today Is The Last Day To Get The Increased $20 Uber Sign-Up Credit

I posted about this last week, but Uber is offering a $20 new user credit if you sign up by today.  It appears that the credit will go back down to $10 if you sign up tomorrow.  There’s no worry about having to use the credit any time soon, I had my new user credit for a number of months before I jumped into the Uber water.  I’m a convert now, love the service!

So, if you have a few free minutes and think you might need a taxi someday, sign up now.  I also get a credit for referring you as a new customer but the $20 referral offer is the best free offer out there right now (and the highest I’ve seen).

I appreciate the referral credit and try to use freebies like that to help sponsor giveaways like the United Free Beverage Voucher giveaway I’m doing right now.  Don’t forget to sign up for that, too!

There’s also still an Amazon local deal for a discounted Uber ride as well.  More info on that here.

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