A Great Free App For The Traveling Sports Fan

I’m a really big sports fan, both live and on television.  I’ve had a bucket list item for quite some time to visit all the professional stadiums, and managed to cross one off my list recently.  Frequently, I find myself on a plane, in a car or hanging out in a hotel in a different city trying to keep track of sporting events.

Most of the really good options to catch live sports on the run cost money.  I’ve been a big fan of MLB’s TV package, a subscriber for a number of years.  But, it’s pretty costly.  It also happens to be the only way for me to watch my beloved Yankees most of the time at home in Virginia and when I’m on the road.

A great free option that I’ve used quite a bit over the last year is NBC’s Live Sports Extra App.  While I don’t have a ton of experience with the app, every time I’ve gone to watch an event that was showing live on one of the NBC networks I was able to watch it on my iPhone.  The Olympics, Kentucky Derby, Stanley Cup Playoffs, and today the final of the French Open while I was at Dulles airport.

It’s a great app for the traveling sports fan, and just another reason you can’t travel with an iPhone and not have a portable battery to keep it running!

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