Save $50 On Travelocity Hotel Booking With Their Mobile App

Just saw this advertised at DFW airport. Essentially, you download the Travelocity mobile app and receive $50 off a hotel booking through Travelocity.

Save $50

There are a few terms and conditions to consider. First, this only appears to be valid for “Good Buy” offers, not all hotels and rates.

Second, it needs to be a minimum of $150.

I’m not a huge fan of Travelocity, or OTAs in general. If I were going to recommend one, I’d recommend PointsHound.

But, $50 is still $50 if you’re looking for an affordable hotel room.


  1. Wondering if I should do this now or wait. Anyone know if the offer has an expiration date by when one must sign up and then a date by which the $50 must be used? Thanks.

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