Changes Already For US Airways Credit Cards. Coincidence? Still Time To Grab 40,000 Miles

Link:  US Airways World MasterCard

I recently applied for the US Airways World MasterCard for the first time a few months ago.  I had blogged about it in the past and realized I never bothered to apply for the card myself.  I was fairly certain there would be a merger between US Airways and American which meant my US Airways balance would be combined to give me even more AAdvantage miles.

Now’s the time to apply for this card, even if you’ve applied before.  It appears that one of the links out there for this card without an annual fee died an untimely death today.  Multiple bloggers have already commented that the best offer US Airways used to have for their World MasterCard disappeared this morning.  It was an old offer that had been around for a while and was only supposed to be for top-tier members of their frequent flier program.

But, this card still offers 40,000 miles with no minimum spend.  And, that’s what makes this a good value.  40,000 miles buys you at least one saver award (25,000) and potentially 2 20,000 mile saver tickets in the US on US Airways or a merged American.  That’s a pretty good value for no minimum spend and an $89 annual fee.  It also comes with some benefits like early boarding and a companion ticket.

Ultimately the new American will have only one main credit card provider and that will most likely be a bit worse for consumers, especially because Citi has shown some indications that it’s lowering offers gradually.

Time to stock up on miles.  Remember, this offer is valid for each member of your household of legal age to apply for a credit card.  So, make sure to have your significant other apply as well and get double the miles.  And, who knows?  You might even have time to get it twice before the merger.

I do earn a referral credit if you apply for this card, which I appreciate.

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